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Bad Weather Driving Tips: How to Get Your Car Unstuck From Mud and Snow

20 October 2016
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Driving in adverse weather conditions is challenging, but getting a car stuck in the mud or snow can give a headache even for the most experienced drivers out there. Snow and mud tend to reduce the traction of the vehicle. If you continue to accelerate after it gets stuck, you may end up reducing the traction further, and your vehicle may not be able to move. It can get worse if you get stuck during a storm and without a towing company that you can call to rescue you. Read More …

Tips for driving at night

18 October 2016
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If you usually drive during the day, you may be surprised at how challenging it can be to drive safely in the evening. After the sun sets, drivers have to deal with the dazzling glare from other cars' headlights, as well as reduced visibility, which can make it harder to spot pedestrians and other road users or accurately judge distances. If you're planning a late night car journey and are concerned about coping with these issues, here is some advice which may help. Read More …

Preparation Tips Before Exploring the Outback

13 September 2016
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Preparing for an outdoor excursion can be a difficult task, especially when travelling to a new area. If you've never been to this particular location before and don't know what to do to ensure you remain safe throughout the trip, then a few essential bits of pre-trip preparation and basic supplies can prepare you for many different situations.  Emergency Towing It's quite possible that in the vast expanses of the Australian outback your vehicle may break down or become stuck. Read More …

Tips on Safe Forklift Transport

1 September 2016
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Forklifts are heavy-duty machinery used to move heavy items in both indoor and outdoor environments. If part of your responsibilities as a fleet manager is to ensure the safe delivery of the forklifts in your care wherever they are needed, then you know that you are in for an uphill task. While these workhorses are revered for their power and versatility, they could result in dire consequences if they are not properly transported. Read More …

Do Those Mechanical Problems Mean Your Car Should Be Towed?

31 August 2016
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Not every mechanical problem with your car means that it should be towed; sometimes you can still control your car even when it's running a bit rough. However, since it's never good to take a risk with your safety and the safety of other drivers when on the road, you might note when it's best to stop driving and have your car towed, either home or to a repair shop. Read More …