Three Guidelines to Follow when Buying a Tipper Trailer

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Three Guidelines to Follow when Buying a Tipper Trailer

10 September 2019
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Tippers are some of the most popular utility vehicles in the market. They are normally used to transport loose building and construction materials such as sad, gravel and bricks. The most important feature on a tipper trailer is the tipping mechanism which simplifies the unloading of bulk building materials. With the countless tipper trailer brands in the market, it can be challenging to decide on the ones which best suit your transportation needs. Here are other important considerations which you need to make when buying a trailer.

Deciding between Hydraulic and Electric Tippers

The first and most important decision that you have to make when choosing a tipper model is whether you want one with an electric tipping system or one with a hydraulic system. If you want a tipper primarily to transport goods from one place to the other, especially building materials, it would be best to go for the hydraulic tipper. Hydraulic systems are adapted to the endless cycles of loading and off-loading, which makes them perfect for bulk material transport.

Checking the Body of the Trailer

The second thing that you have to check is the body of the trailer. The material component must be made from superior quality metals. Also, check the inner surface of the tipper. If the only finishing it has is painting, it will probably get scratched, which will lead to rusting, and the plate could get ruined sooner than it could have if another type of coating had been used. Then, ensure that the tipper has a jockey wheel attached to the hooking end of the trailer. The jockey is what helps maintain the truck's balance at all times.

Permissions and Insurance

Certain tipper types aren't allowed to operate on certain local roads. It is advisable to know what the height and load limits are on the roads where you intend to use the tipper before buying one. Tippers also run into a lot of risks during the transportation process. It is advisable to ensure that your truck gets comprehensive insurance and that the plan covers all possible liabilities. Finally, make sure that you buy from manufacturers who have a proven track record for excellent delivery.

A tipper will simplify your bulk transportation processes, especially when you buy the right one. It is best to take time and compare specs and pricing among the locally known and trusted brands. Take the tipper which offers you excellent quality service and at the most affordable cost.