Transporting Your Horses Safely: 3 Ways You Can Tell You Need Horse Float Servicing

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Transporting Your Horses Safely: 3 Ways You Can Tell You Need Horse Float Servicing

24 August 2021
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Your horse float suffers the same wear and tear that the regular vehicle suffers. The damage might be more extensive on the float because it carries a heavy animal and does not have an elaborate suspension system as your car does. The best way to manage any damage that your float might experience is by regularly watching out for the signs. Here are the main ways you can tell that you need to service your horse float. 

When the Tyre Pressure Goes Down

One of the first indicators that your horse float needs servicing is the condition of its tyres. All the wheels must have the same pressure level to balance the weight of the horse and the float evenly. If there is a reduction in pressure on one wheel and the others do not match it, you might end up with an unstable float, which can compromise your safety on the road. It is best to have a spare tyre well-inflated and stored inside the float for emergencies. Excellent tyre pressure reduces the level of wear and tear and increases your safety on the road.

When the Floor Boards Rust and Loosen

The second essential factor is the condition of the float's floorboards. Sometimes, horses urinate inside the float while on transit. The urine and other waste products can corrode the floor. Consider cleaning the inside of the float any time they soil it. Also, allow it to dry completely before getting back on the road. However, if you notice any signs of rust on the floorboards, it is time to repaint. You can also cover the wooden floorboards with a fresh coat of paint to increase the length of time they will serve you. 

When the Electrical System Stops Working

Another indicator that it is time to service the float is when the electrical system stops working. The electrical system is essential for the safety and efficiency of the float on the road. You will know the system has issues and needs repairs when the lights keep flickering and dimming. It is advisable to check the coupling and ensure it is ideal before leaving the house with the trailer. A professional is best suited to handle electrical issues.

These are simple indicators that your horse float has suffered wear and tear and needs repair. Get a competent technician to look at the float and determine whether it is time for horse float repairs