First Time Towing a Trailer? You'll Want to Read These Tips

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First Time Towing a Trailer? You'll Want to Read These Tips

23 January 2017
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Driving with trailers can feel significantly different to driving without them. If you have never towed a trailer before, you need to ensure that you know what you're doing. At first it might feel a little more stressful than the driving you're used to, but you will quickly come to feel comfortable with driving with a trailer. In order to make yourself as confident as possible (as quickly as possible), there are a few things you need to consider before you tow a trailer on the open road.

Licence Restrictions

Ensure that your driver's licence permits you to actually tow a trailer. There might be limitations on some learner and provisional licences. If you are driving into another state or territory you need to find out about any limitations there as well.

Towing Capacity

Check the maximum towing capacity of the towbar that has been installed on your vehicle. Overloading the towbar can lead to an accident if it was to break or detach mid-journey.

The Extra Weight

You might wish to practise driving with an unloaded trailer in order to get a feel for extra weight and restrictions to your maneuverability. If you wish to practise backing and parking, try to find a vacant car park.


It can be particularly pertinent to practise braking, as the weight of the trailer means additional distance is required for safe and effective braking. Again, a vacant car park is a good place to practise.


Take corners slowly. To turn too quickly increases the risk of the trailer swaying away (snaking away from the rear of your vehicle). This can largely be overcome by watching the speed with which you drive around corners.

Loading the Trailer

Never overload the trailer. Check with the Department of Transport in your state or territory as to the maximum allowable load for the size of the trailer in question. If might be necessary to attach a warning sign (such as a small red flag) if the load was to protrude from the trailer.

Fuel Consumption

It might sound rather obvious, but it's also rather easy to overlook. Don't forget that adding a trailer (and the subsequent load) will greatly increase the weight your vehicle is required to propel. This means you need to ensure that you have enough petrol for the journey, since your fuel consumption can sharply increase.

With a small amount of practise, you will quickly become comfortable towing a trailer without stress or difficulty.