Bad Weather Driving Tips: How to Get Your Car Unstuck From Mud and Snow

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Bad Weather Driving Tips: How to Get Your Car Unstuck From Mud and Snow

20 October 2016
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Driving in adverse weather conditions is challenging, but getting a car stuck in the mud or snow can give a headache even for the most experienced drivers out there. Snow and mud tend to reduce the traction of the vehicle. If you continue to accelerate after it gets stuck, you may end up reducing the traction further, and your vehicle may not be able to move. It can get worse if you get stuck during a storm and without a towing company that you can call to rescue you. Here are some useful tips that can help you get your vehicle unstuck from rain or snow.

Carry an emergency kit

A good driver should always be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur when driving in adverse conditions. One of the best ways to prepare yourself in case the vehicle gets stuck in the mud or snow is by carrying tools and items such as a shovel and rock salt, cat-box litter, or sand. These items can help you give your vehicle tires the traction to maneuver out of the snow or sand and you should always carry them in your trunk at the onset of adverse weather.

Remove mud and snow around the tires

Use a shovel to remove the mud or snow from the area around the tires. If you don't have one, you can improvise with any other available tool that can get the job done. By clearing the area around the tires, you will be creating a solid ground on which they can be able to gain traction again. If you have some rock salt, sand, or cat-box litter, spread some on the ground around the front of the tires. It will give them something firm to grip on and help them to maneuver through the mud or snow.

Set the right gear

When a vehicle gets stuck in the mud or snow, the first instinct is usually to step on the gas and get the tires to spin rapidly in a bid to get the car unstuck. However, rapid spinning if the tires causes them to lose traction further. If your car is on automatic transmission and is set on a high gear, try to lower it and move the tires slowly. The slow movement will prevent slipping and help the tires to regain their traction. If you drive with a manual transmission, set a higher gear, release the clutch slowly, and let the vehicle move ever so slowly out of the mud or snow.

If you get stuck during the night in an unsafe location or are unable to get your car unstuck, you should consider calling a towing company. Stay calm as you wait and avoid any drastic measures that could damage your vehicle or pose a safety risk.