Be Prepared for the Tow

Did you just buy a piece of property that has a lot of old, broken vehicles? Learn more about finding the right towing service.

Be Prepared for the Tow

3 February 2020
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Getting towed is one of those experiences you wish you never have to go through. But as many new motorists often come to learn, this experience is almost unavoidable.

Your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road can be a confusing experience, especially if it's your first time. How do you go about hiring a towing service company at that very instant?

Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Talk to Your Insurance Service Provider

One of the best places to get a referral for a towing service company is from your auto insurance service provider.

Your insurer would be in a good position to recommend a reliable roadside assistance company because the company will have worked with many of these companies in the past as they go about settling claims.

Making the call to your insurance company could save you a lot of time that would have otherwise been used scrolling through the internet as you compare one towing service company to the other.

Consider Their Physical Location

If you choose not to go with a towing company recommended by your insurer, you need to remember that the idea is to get your broken-down vehicle out of the road as soon as possible because it acts as a serious distraction to other motorists.

Therefore, one of the primary factors you should consider is how long it will take the towing company to reach you, considering the physical location of their tow trucks.

Some towing companies often have their tow trucks stationed at different road sections daily. Others only dispatch their road assistance team once there's a distress call from a stranded motorist. The closer the location from which rescue vehicles are dispatched, the faster you'll be out of the problematic situation.

Don't Forget Alternative Transport

You will need to organise alternative transport for yourself once the vehicle has been towed. A large number of motorists get so caught up in the situation that they forget this little detail, only to remember it once their vehicle has been towed away safely.

As you wait for the towing service company to get there, make arrangements as to how you'll get yourself out of the roadside, as well. If you're lucky enough, the towing service company you get might offer you alternative transport at no extra cost as a sign of courtesy.

Don't forget to thank your rescue team.

To learn more, contact a towing company.